H.E.P International offers bespoke security solutions for your property, business and assets. We pride ourselves in employing the most experienced, intelligent and flexible staff, which ensures that every task is confronted with complete confidence and professionalism. Our guards not only meet the UK Standard, but pride themselves on proven aptitude, appearance, and above all managing themselves in the most testing situations.

Security officers are often the first person a visitor might encounter when they arrive at your premises. Our officers have the training, professionalism and demeanour to fit seamlessly into our client's culture.

Our strategy focuses on understanding that each and every organisation faces a unique set of security threats and challenges. Everything from our training programs  and recruitment policies are geared towards delivering highly skilled guards fit to represent our clients. Our guards remain loyal and work with our clients for many years, becoming part of that vital ingredient embedded within your organisation and protecting your property and assets through an intuitive understanding of your requirements.

We offer the most thoroughly screened, best trained, and most strictly supervised officers in the state. More applicants fail than pass our pre-employment tests, which include thorough screening and psychological testing.

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